White River Academy in Delta, Utah is a private prison

If parents want to lock their boy up and take a cruise instead of doing the hard parenting stuff, White River Academy is an option.

It is marketed as a therapeutic place where the teenager can get both counseling and education but there is parents out there who have experienced that their child received no credits even if months had passed. A parent writes:

The last review does not sound like it was written by any parent I ever met at the school.White River Academy has some kind and dedicated staff however their academic program has serious problems. Our son has a high IQ andwas always ahead at previous schools despite behavior issues. During his 14 months at WRA they only had him complete 2 high school credits dispite our constant expression of concern. We finally pulled him and at the new school, within 10 months he had approx 14 H/S credits completed. Other parents had expressed similar concerns on parent weekends. Our son also told us that the school told the boys not to talk about what went on there and that he had felt he was being encouraged toward the Mormon faith. Just be aware, thats all. At the time, they had a policy of keeping a kid from doing school work when he acted up. Long after our son stopped acting up, he was still not getting anything done and they were defensive about his school accomplishments. I did not feel they abused him physically or mentally and they may have helped him a little emotionally. I’m sure you can find a better shool out there with wasting thousands with no school credits.

Again I’ll say they had some caring people, but I don’t know who is running the school that their academics were so poor. My son has been gone a year now from WRA and is a success story. He’s come so far at the new school and we welcome him back to our lives. Hang in their parents. It can happen. Do try to pick the right school. Start with some with actual accreditation and licensing even if you have to pay a bit more. Beware of any sites where there is one glowing review.

It leaves the place with one purpose: To function as a private prison.

Here are some links about this place:

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