A mother about her sons stay at Majestic Ranch Academy / Old West Ranch Academy in Utah

I wish these posts were available for me to read when my son was a this shity place in 1996-1997 and to think I took out a second mortgage on my home to pay for majestic. I was a desperate parent
trying to do anything I could to get my son to stop and take a look at where his life was going.

He got in trouble at school all the time and got in trouble with the law. Not real serious stuff but I could see more serious stuff coming down the road if he did not change his ways. I sent him to a very expensive private school in Vermont with 40 students before I sent him to the ranch, but he got kicked out in less than six weeks when they did a drug screening with all the students. When he was at home, he was tutored weekly, went to see a psychiatrist and psychologist weekly. We were very involved parents.

In the winter of 2012, I got a gut feeling that something bad happened to him while he was there. I asked him what happened and he said I will go to my grave before I will tell you. We flew to Salt Lake City and drove to see him as much as we could. When we were visiting, he never gave us any indication that anything was wrong. When he called home, the calls were listened too and if the conversation got too hot, the call was disconnected. I taped his calls and let my Mother listen to them, she got very upset and said I should not have sent him there. My Mother had better instinct than I at the time. I wish my Mother was here today so I could say you were right. Dan Peart, I hope your ranch fails miserably. You will get your dues, hopefully sooner than later.



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