A testimony about New Creations Christian Boarding School

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I attended this school in 2006, and also agree that it was corrupt. Not too long after being there I became frightened by what was going on in the church. I was raised Lutheran and went to church with my family from time to time as a child, so I wasn’t afraid of religion. The religion they were practicing here though was not Lutheran.

The day that I became extremely frightened was when we were finishing up the church service and the priest asked everyone to gather in a half circle around the alter. After doing so, he walked around examining each of us. I am not sure what made him choose the people he did but I believe it may have been the presence of fear in my face. If he stopped in front of you, he would then push you down and you were expected to let the volunteer behind you to catch you and then cover you with a light silky dark purple blanket. He attempted to do this to me but after he tried to push me I caught myself and ran out of the church. I knew I would get in trouble if I went far so I sat in the mulch bead right outside the front door. Shortly after running out, one of the staff cane out insisting I come back in and scolding me for leaving. Being frightened I told her that I would not. At this point in time she took my bible from my hands and began reading me the same scripture over and over. I sat in the mulch bed snapping pieces of mulch which apparently annoyed her immensely because she then grabbed the piece of mulch out of my hand threw it on the ground and stated that she could not handle me so she was going to get the owners wife (can’t remember her name). With the staff lady out of sight, I ran up to the girls dorm and laid on my bed. The wife made her way up to the dorm and furiously proceeded to my bed continuing to read the same scripture from what I assumed was still my bible. I became frustrated and in an attempt to take the Bible from her hands I accidentally ripped one of pages. This was her limit apparently because at the moment she then decided to lunge at me in attack. Luckily, I was able to deflect her by fluffing my leg out (I was originally laying on my side curled up) and the group arrived from church seconds after. I was told to stay put as she discussed with the other lady what to do. It was deemed necessary that I was brought to the office and made to sit in one of the old school desks within a closet space facing the wall. I sat there for hours before all of the sudden my father and step mother walked into the office. I was so surprised and relieved that I burst into tears and ran towards them. They ended up taking me home that day after a long discussion with the owner who had apparently called them insisting that they pick me up immediately because I was the “child of the devil.”

Prior to going to this boarding school, I had been to two others (out of state) each for at least a year and had not experienced anything like this until going to New Creations. I am now in my mid twenties and despite the awful experience am doing well for myself but I will say that the experience without a doubt had a huge effect on my religious stance. Needless to say, I am very happy to hear that this place was closed!

The so-called boarding school closed a few years ago. An investigation was on-going at the time of the closure and properly also the reason for it.

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One thought on “A testimony about New Creations Christian Boarding School

  1. It was my daughter Meghan Arquette who was the one who ran away after being molested and was able to get to a phone, who was instrumental in this place being exposed for what it was . Call me if you want to talk , I’m Megs mom 315-323-1064 Lisa Arquette


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