A testimony about a stay in the Joy House, Inc

The facility is located in Jasper, Georgia. The testimony was found on Google

When I was 13 I spent 18 months behind fake smiles and closed doors. I was forced into this institution against my will. Due to tramatic abuse that took place during my childhood my family forced my mother to place me in the Joy House. Joy is certainly the last word that comes to mind when I think about this place. Disgust is more accurate.

Here’s a prime example: my mother one weekend showed up with her girlfriend to pull me out of the program. The staff used brute force to keep me away from her. Later the staff worked along side my family to place my mother into a homosexual conversation home in Tennessee for 4 months. 4 months I couldn’t have any kind of communication because she was “sick”. Don’t worry, they were doing God’s work so it was deemed necessary. After this incident I was forced to stay in my room for roughly a week. Only allowed to leave to go to meals or school. Yes, you read the correctly I was punished for my mother being gay.

Along with the mind games, control, forced volunteer work to get the property (thier now current location) ready for more victims I believe this place did more psychology damage doing “God’s work” than my former abusive step father ever did.

My story is one of many.

The original testimony

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