Testimony from a former Uinta Academy resident

This testimony was found on Yelp

I went to unita academy for nine months.

That experience was the worst thing that could of ever happens to me. I was taken away from my family and friends and wasnt able to talk to anyone. The staff can physically put their hands on you and restrain you. I know multiple girls who are dying right now trying to get out and trying to kill themselves.

I luckily got out early and my parents discharged me becuase i wasnt changing i was just miserable. I went there for nine months and did everything i possibly could to get out. I went in for a drug overdose and came out wanted to get fucked up. Now im in an outpatient and its helped me way more then unita ever did. I got no school done in that amount of time i just sat there because there was no one to help me.

They broke me down and i always felt like shit my depression got so much worse. i hated my life so much. I would do ANYTHING to get out. They brain wash you and try to make you a mormon and the staff take a non realistic approach to things, they act like were just clients and they shouldnt have a personal realtionship with us when their there every day, they wouldnt get close to us but they would try to put their personal beliefs into our heads. They made me feel like giving up after a couple months i didnt even tryy nothing was good enough for them and i was always getting in trouble for the littlest things like dust. Things that were out of my control they made seem like it was my fault.

I really resent this treatment center. They dont do anything for addiction or eating disorders. For behavior its great but anyhting esle they dont focus on they dont go by the 12 steps or anything this is a horrible place thats all about money. Ive been out for a month and their still trying to get money out of my parents and they wont send my transcripts so i can finish school until my parents pay. Fuck uinta academy you made me feel worse then i ever was before i went there. I was a sweet innocent girl that got into drugs i would never hurt mysefl in any way until i went there and starred cutting to take the pain away.

Never send your daughter here, it will put you in debt and be the worst expirence.

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