Savannah C. at Olympus Academy

This information was found of Yelp. The founder of the program previously tried to start something in Kansas. In 2015 two girls ran away from the facility. It is unclear whether they are closed now as it is stated on some sites. All rights belong to the original author known as Savannah C.

I found this review on another site and who ever wrote it said it perfectly. I will tell the truth. i was a resident there and they couldn’t help me and kept all my moms money, no refund. be smart. My mom got me real help after being lied to about just about everything, they are about money! We had on jail scrubs and sometimes slept on the floor, when they can’t control us they put zip ties on us until we chill out. Any of my people that were there with me please look me up. We may have a case. make sure your parents walk the facility and ask tons of questions.


Do your own homework. Reading the Website is not a way to verify if facility is good or not. Research residential treatment facilities and see what you find. Dont be misled by a third party recruiter. Ask to view contracts made with employees and note job titles each employee was hired as. Verify employee licenses and credentials. Do background checks to make sure each person should be around children, no matter what rank the person is. Ask to view all state inspections, as you have a right to see. Ask to view academic curriculum, books, materials, schedule, lesson plans, assessment guides. Verify therapy sessions. If you still admit child verify weekly work. Verify nutrition and meals being served, including portion size. Verify nutritionists is licensed. The only reason to have only staff supervised conversations with your child, whether over phone or in person, would be if academy were worried something would get out, right? Trust your child. If something doesn’t sound right, it’s probably not. Be involved. Ask lots of questions. Stay on top of insurance billing. Verify who, when, and what medication has been provided, ordered at pharmacy, and if orders refilled are necessary at each time. Verify alone with child the meals they are getting, medication distribution, if letters were written or received, and Stay in constant contact. If you are not from utah, why would you ever enroll in utah? If all the residential treatment facilities sound similar, think about why you needed to look at more than one facility. Trust your instinct. Don’t be so desperate, you avoid what your gut tells you.

I don’t feel I need to say whether or not olympus is a good choice. If you do all your research, which is a lot of work (nothing is too much to make sure your child is safe), you will be able to make your own determination on whether it’s a good fit for your child.



Peg T at the Timberlawn Mental Health System

Peg T wrote this testimony

Do NOT take a loved one here! I wouldn’t even put my worst enemy in this dump. This is everything that happened just in my 2-day stay at Timberlawn:

  1. They kept all the men and women in the same wing and did not lock the patient rooms at night, which made me feel unsafe being a 20-year-old petite woman.
  2. They would wait until you were sleeping after taking your nightly medicine (they doped me up with strong antipsychosis meds, although I was there solely for depression) to wake you up and ask you questions about treatments you had to consent to. Clearly they wanted you to be as incoherent as possible when they did this.
  3. A woman wanted to take a shower and politely asked a nurse for a hairbrush to use when she was done. The nurse said he would pick one up on his way back from the lower wing, but never did after her asking 4 times in 5-6 hours.
  4. I was taken into the nurse’s office because they wanted to draw my blood. Only after they had tied off the tourniquet did they verify who I was and realized I was the wrong patient.
  5. One young guy had stitches from where he had cut his wrists, and when a stitch popped open and he started bleeding, the nurses told him that it would stop eventually.
  6. They fed you whenever they felt like microwaving the frozen food.
  7. The nurses controlled the television and left it on Fox News, which was more depressing in my opinion. They wouldn’t change the channel, even when we unanimously agreed that we wanted to watch something else.
  8. In a private session, my “doctor” rudely told me that I was just being an adolescent and didn’t know how to deal with life. Only when I asked to be discharged did she backtrack and say she thought I was really suffering from depression and she wanted to up my dosage (so I would be too doped up to argue!).
  9. I checked myself in hoping that I would really get some help, but they had no activities for you to engage in, so you just took medicine, ate breakfast, watched Fox News, ate lunch, watched more news, took medicine, ate dinner, and watched news until you fell asleep. Surprisingly they had no “lights out”, so many of us stayed up til 1-2am talking and making our own therapy sessions.

I cannot stress enough just how horrible this place is! Please please please do not go here!

The original testimony

Troy Tj at Majecstic Ranch Academy – now Old West Ranch Academy

I was sent here back in 02- 04.

They run the program like jail. They staff just watch the kids and put in punishment after the kids do something. No help unless the staff member themselfs love kids with a passion and most don’t. It’s just a job.

They don’t do anything when a kid gets hurt. There is no nurse of any kind. I was playing basketball with the staff an other kids. I jumped to blocked a staff member. Instead some how. He just ran me over and I landed on my head…. Next thing I know I woke up in my bed the next day with 2 (cat 3s) for not fallowing directions. The kids told me I played the rest of the game really sloppy an falling down a lot. After our PE was done in our room they said I started crying and asking who my dad was I couldn’t remember anything from my life, my past, my family where I was from or anything. An they didn’t even seek medical help for me.

They just gave my consequences for my actions takin away pretty much what u have to work for there. I feel like that is really low u can’t even get the kid help that might have amnesia. I also fell on my hand and busted my wrist. I couldn’t use it for 3 weeks and after it healed it has a numb in it. They completely ignored it and the fact I couldn’t use my hand. A staff member literally tried to trip me down a set of stairs. Because of a resent conflict between me and a kid in her group. Iv seen several kids leave puddles of blood after a staff member/s has used excessive force to (restrain) kids under 14.

An Dan makes the kids do all the ranch work. From the birth of the new sheep to killing them and have us skin an gut them. We have to herd the sheep, an brand the cows. He uses the kids as his personal slaves the only thing u would ever get if u get anything would be a soda after u ate a pepper and the can was shaken an thrown somewhere for u to find. So not only is he getting paided for the kids to just sit on his ranch. But then he uses the kids to run his ranch. He has 3 Mexicans he pays nothing to do the rest. He’s a slave owner.

Instead of sending a kid here where they have to deal with a bunch of traumatizing Shit how about u just step in they’re life more. be a real parent. Grow the fuck up take care of your kid you brought into this world. An yes there still times I have very vivid dreams of being there. An so happy after I wake up in my bed.


A mothers testimony about the parenting communication at Eagle Ranch Academy

This is a testimony from a parent who was prevented from communicating with her child.

This place is a torture chamber for youth!

My daughter is currently incarerated there & I can’t get her out! They brainwash these children, physically & emotionally abuse them, force them to go through emotional “growth” seminars that are humilating & degrading. Their website is a complete LIE. Google Dr. Moody who is currently employed by ERA. He use to work for the CIA ,they are using the same methods the CIA & government uses that have been considered inhumane and against the Geneva Conventions!

DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THIS LOCK DOWN PRISON!! Staff members have molested children there, they do not get a proper education, they are forced to carry large stacks of books around for days, they are forced to carry around large back packs full of sand & rocks at all times for punishment, children have been physically beaten& molested. DO NOT SIGN YOUR RIGHTS AWAY!They ARE NOT regulated by the state of Utah as they claim to be. If your child is currently in ERA, GET THEM OUT NOW!!!!


News about lawsuits – will the lid come off?

At Diamond Ranch Academy located west of Hurricane in Utah a lawsuit is the subject right now. Parents of a girl who was confined to the facility has filed a lawsuit where it is stated that the girl was subjected to sexual assault conducted by a therapist hired by the facility and operating at the facility. According to the lawsuit the facility neglected to supervise and correct the therapist when they saw his actions.

Another lawsuit has been filed against the former Red River Academy in Lecompte, Louisiana. The facility now operating under the name US Youth Services was hit by a lawsuit in 2016. The father of a boy state in the lawsuit that the boy suffered abuse of neglect. The facility opened as a WWASP school but has since worked on their own since WWASP disappeared after several schools were raided and closed by authorities in a number of states and countries.


A mother about her sons stay at Majestic Ranch Academy / Old West Ranch Academy in Utah

I wish these posts were available for me to read when my son was a this shity place in 1996-1997 and to think I took out a second mortgage on my home to pay for majestic. I was a desperate parent
trying to do anything I could to get my son to stop and take a look at where his life was going.

He got in trouble at school all the time and got in trouble with the law. Not real serious stuff but I could see more serious stuff coming down the road if he did not change his ways. I sent him to a very expensive private school in Vermont with 40 students before I sent him to the ranch, but he got kicked out in less than six weeks when they did a drug screening with all the students. When he was at home, he was tutored weekly, went to see a psychiatrist and psychologist weekly. We were very involved parents.

In the winter of 2012, I got a gut feeling that something bad happened to him while he was there. I asked him what happened and he said I will go to my grave before I will tell you. We flew to Salt Lake City and drove to see him as much as we could. When we were visiting, he never gave us any indication that anything was wrong. When he called home, the calls were listened too and if the conversation got too hot, the call was disconnected. I taped his calls and let my Mother listen to them, she got very upset and said I should not have sent him there. My Mother had better instinct than I at the time. I wish my Mother was here today so I could say you were right. Dan Peart, I hope your ranch fails miserably. You will get your dues, hopefully sooner than later.


A student testimony about Star Meadows Academy in Montana

Hope Ranch / Star Meadows Academy was located near Whitefish in Montana. This testimony was posted by a former student on July 9 – 2010. Star Meadows Academy is now closed and the owners managed to disappear with a little sum to themselves

I would never, in a million years, put my daughter through such a terrible program…. I am 22 now, and am still trying to get past many of the issuse that my stay at Hope Ranch have cause in my life… My relationship with my parents is beyond repair and I always find myself associating with people who my parents strongly disapprove of…. If your relationship with your daughter is a struggle… look at yourselfs as well as your interaction with her… Hope Ranch will NEVER be an option for my child because I wouldn’t risk losing her the way my parents lost me…. as far as I’m concerned… they gave up their rights as parents, the day that they sent me to Hope Ranch.

The original testimony